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Past issues
Spring 2021

Paul Fletcher

Chief Executive


Digital is the disrupter that has transformed every sector and every business. Yet it’s only just getting started.

It’s hard to think of any industry or indeed any business process that hasn’t been turned upside down by the digital revolution. From manufacturing lines to company accounts, everything we take for granted has been transformed. Yet there is much more transformation to come.

The Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, 5G… so much is on the horizon. Our world is going to become more connected than ever before. The advent of super-connectivity opens up just as many threats as opportunities, as a recent survey by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT highlights.

BCS surveyed over 300 senior IT leaders in the UK, asking them about their main concerns and the key issues facing businesses today. The answers were overwhelming. “The one thing that keeps them all awake at night is cyber security,” explains Paul Fletcher, Chief Executive of BCS.

The threat environment is moving so quickly that companies are having to constantly evolve and innovate to keep up with the threats. “Over 50% of the people who responded put cyber security as a top priority for 2020 and beyond,” explains Fletcher, “That’s above cloud or any other technology.”

National defence

The issue goes beyond individual businesses and keeping customer or industry data safe. “We all understand these days that technology underpins everything we do in work and at home,” says Paul Fletcher of BCS, “But more pivotal than that is it underpins our national infrastructure, so the importance of cyber technology in protecting our country’s key assets is paramount.”

That’s why Cyber Central is such a vital development not just for Cheltenham and the South West but for the nation as a whole. GCHQ has a 100-year heritage of protecting national security and our national infrastructure as well as businesses and citizens that operate within them. Cyber Central builds on that heritage to ensure that GCHQ and other experts can continue to protect our national security and our country’s key assets.

GCHQ continues to this day an unbroken tradition that started with the code breakers at Bletchley Park. This tradition has drawn diverse minds together to solve some of the nation’s hardest problems. This is a unique source of creativity, imagination and innovation that is unrivalled elsewhere in the UK or even globally. The growth of Cyber Central means that for the first time more people and organisations will be able to benefit from this source. This will be a wellspring for the future. This is the heart of Cyber Central.

“This is a fantastic region to become a tech hub,” says Fletcher. “We’ve got the universities, we’ve got the organisations providing apprenticeships and so it’s the perfect environment to develop people’s skills to find work in innovative companies and support the whole cybertech industry.”

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